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How to adjust a VAV box ?

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2017-10-23 10:18:00

1. Align the damper and drive hubo Manually rotate the damper on the VAV box to the fully open position.o Press the gear clutch button and rotate the drive hub in the same direction that opened the damper.o Turn the hub until it reaches a stop.2. Mount the controller on the VAV box.o Place the controller over the damper shaft.o Finger tighten the nuts on the V-bolt to position the shaft in the drive hub.o Center the mounting bushing in the mounting tab and fasten it with a #8 sheet metal screw. Evenly tighten the V-bolt nuts on the drive hub to 30-35 in-lbs.3. Connect a SimplyVAV sensor to the controller with a standard Ethernet cable. Plug the controller end of the cable into the T’stat connector.4. Connect the airflow sensor on the VAV box to the airflow ports on the controller. Use 0.25 in. FR tubing.5. Connect auxiliary equipment (optional)o Other VAV equipment such as fans, heaters, reheat valves, and discharge air temperature sensors connect at the green terminals.o If the controller is part of a BACnet network, wire it to the gray MS/TP network terminals.6. Connect the controller to a 24 volt, Class 2 transformer at the black power terminals. As soon as power is connected, the controller begins operation. video link :